Meet tiMothy Timothy, a recent patient at the sports, Back & Pain management Clinic, is a veterinarian who leads a very active lifestyle. his hobbies include running, participating in triathlons as well as weight lifting and he hopes to stay active once he decides to retire. Timothy began experiencing pain in his feet that led to decreased mobility in his big toes on each foot. This pain began to affect Timothy’s sleep, hobbies, and daily life. Timothy feared he would have to give up running and exercising due to the severity of his foot pain. Before seeking treatment at the sports, Back & Pain management Clinic, Timothy saw a podiatrist who prescribed orthotics and suggested new shoes. There was a possibility that he would need foot surgery if the orthotics and shoe recommendation did not work. Timothy was a previous patient at the sports, Back & Pain management Clinic for back pain. he wanted a second opinion about his foot problems. After his initial evaluation with Dr. Katie Davenport, PT, DPT, Timothy was impressed by the attention to detail and how well Dr. Davenport explained the cause of his problems. his treatment plan consisted of manual manipulations, soft tissue mobilizations, triggerpoint dry needling, education of appropriate sitting and standing posture, strength training, and a customized home exercise program. he felt his treatment addressed his foot problems completely instead of just treating his symptoms. Before beginning treatment at the sports, Back & Pain management Clinic, Timothy’s pain was a 9 on a scale of 0-10 and he was unable to move his big toes. After treatment, his pain dramatically decreased to a 0 and he gained full mobility of his big toes. Timothy is now able to run and sleep without pain! he performs his home exercise program for about 20 minutes each morning and plans to do them for the rest of his life. Timothy wants others to know that physical therapy treats many pain problems rather than just temporarily masking the symptoms. if you or a loved one is experiencing any type of pain, do not hesitate to give the sports, Back & Pain management Clinic a call to schedule an evaluation or ask for a free consultation today! Call For a Free Consultation 2705 Osler Blvd Bryan 979.776.BACK(2225) • BVPhysiCAlTherAPy.Com /sBPmC

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