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TEXAS TOUGH + BRAND BERMUDAGRASS THE SOUTH’S NUMBER ONE SEEDED FORAGE BERMUDAGRASS East Texas Seed Company is introducing an improved Texas Tough + Brand Bermudagrass blend that will now consist of one-third of each of the following varieties of Bermudagrass: Forage Max Plus, Majestic, and Giant. Forage Max Plus was trialed at Mississippi State University as ETSCITNS1115. Most producers have the notion that blends revert back to Common Bermudagrass. This is misleading because most blends have Common Bermudagrass in them. It is not that the other varieties turn into Common, it’s that Common exists in the blend or in the field and gradually replaces the other varieties. The blend will remain uncoated to provide the most value per dollar and have approximately 300 times more plants per square foot than sprigging. Planting rates are five pounds per acre for overseeding and ten pounds per acre for new establishment. Optimum planting is March through May. SEEDED BERMUDAGRASS STUDY MISSISSIPPI STATE UNIVERSITY • STARKVILLE, MISSISSIPPI ANNUAL DRY MATTER FORAGE YIELDS THREE YEAR AVERAGE TEXAS TOUGH + SUNGRAZER+ BUCKAROO COWBOY RANCHERO FRIO NUMEX SAHARA AMARILLO KING LAREDO HIGHLANDER MOHAWK CHEYENNE II RANCHER 4,646 3,516 3,979 3,426 3,051 3,201 3,586 3,410 2,379 3,163 3,612 2,830 11,488 11,281 10,881 10,054 10,374 10,293 9,873 9,975 10,880 9,739 9,334 9,740 7,618 6,599 6,428 7,301 7,013 6,772 6,561 6,654 6,159 6,321 5,941 6,085 7,917 7,132 7,096 6,927 6,813 6,755 6,673 6,680 6,473 6,408 6,296 6,218 Commercially available varieties only included in these results. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 TESTIMONIALS I first planted Texas Tough + Brand Bermudagrass in the Spring of 2009. It has been free of disease with no stand loss. It establishes fast and I have cut it up to 3 times per year with good moisture. It has increased my grazing time from 90 days on native grasses and kleingrass to 150 days on my Texas Tough + Brand Bermudagrass. In 2019 I planted 29 more acres, had a dry spring, but made a total of 239, 5 x 5, 1040# bales of high-quality horse hay. I now have over 160 acres of Texas Tough + Brand Bermudagrass and will be planting more in 2021. Denny Chaney - Bertram, TX I planted 30 acres of Texas Tough + Brand Bermudagrass in May 2020. I had a great stand establishment and grazed it until late spring. Armyworms hit and had to be sprayed three times. The Texas Tough + Brand Bermudagrass had good regrowth. I baled some of the acres late fall and will be planting more in 2021. Rick Carson – Malakoff, TX EAST TEXAS SEED COMPANY PO Box 569 Tyler, TX 75710 903-597-6637 • 800-888-1371

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