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Our Christmas Wishes for You — Faith, Hope, and Love What does your Christmas look like to you this year? We are promised colder weather for Christmas Eve, in the midst of almost 70°F days we’ve enjoyed celebrating in short sleeves. This year, we’ve made space and time for wonderful memories and gifts that have not been thought of since last Christmas. We’ve looked back over holiday cards with pictures of friends through the years. I’ve been thinking about how fortunate we are to live in a community of optimistic people who do for others, just by reflex. Every day is a new surprise! We are all modeling Christmas to those around us. People look to all of us for “how we’re doing,” even if we don’t see it. The guiding principles we’re taught as children—faith, hope, and grace— sustain us each day and they shine through our actions and deeds. We never know the impact of what we can say and do for others today. A kind word we share with people we work with, the encouraging word to someone struggling, an anonymous gift to a stranger that turns their world around. We don’t always get to see the impact of our actions, but they matter. Words matter. Time matters most. That neighbor you look in on, to see if they might need something since you’re Chelsea & Cody Jones Owners headed to the grocery store. That call you make to let a friend know their yard looks great since they spent 36 hours putting up lights! That visitor who appeared at your front door because they just finished baking and wanted to share. Each kind act brings smiles. We thank you for every kindness you’ve shown to us this year, your words and ways you’ve shown your appreciation to our team, taking your time to care and support us. On my blog, we’ve made our to-do list to keep the holidays bright this Christmas season. Sending you all our love and best wishes 2020 for Christmas, 2020. Visit and share what’s on your list, too!

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