Details for TCRF 2nd Supplemental Notice Rate Change


SECOND SUPPLEMENTAL NOTICE OF RATE CHANGE REQUEST On October 19, 2020, Entergy Texas, Inc. ("ETI") filed an application to amend its Transmission Cost Recovery Factor ("TCRF") with the Public Utility Commission of Texas ("Commission" or "PUC"). The application was assigned PUC Docket No. 51406. The proposed TCRF is requested in accordance with the Public Utility Regulatory Act § 36.209 and 16 TAC § 25.239. A TCRF allows a utility to recover its reasonable and necessary costs that have occurred since the end of the test year in the utility's last base rate case for transmission infrastructure improvement and changes in wholesale transmission charges to the electric utility under a tariff approved by a federal regulatory authority. In its requested amendment, ETI is seeking recovery of costs for transmission capital investments it incurred from July 1, 2019 through August 31, 2020. ETI also seeks to recover approved transmission charges that are not otherwise being recovered through rates. The proposed TCRF as amended would result in total TCRF retail revenues of approximately $51.0 million, which is $31.6 million in incremental annual TCRF revenue beyond ETI's currently effective TCRF. This $31.6 million amount would be a 3.3% increase in ETI's annualized non-fuel revenue requirement as compared to revenues approved in Docket No. 48371, ETI's most recent base rate case, and a 2.1% increase in ETI's overall annualized revenue requirement including fuel costs as compared to such revenues as approved in Docket No. 48371. The impact of the rate change on various customer classes will vary from the overall impact described in this notice. The effective date of the proposed rate change would be the date that a Commission order adopting the proposed TCRF is issued. ETI has requested that, if no hearing is requested, the Commission adopt an order approving the proposed TCRF at or before its currently-scheduled open meeting on February 25, 2021. All customers in ETI's Texas retail rate classes are affected by this request. Persons with questions or who want more information on this filing may contact ETI at Entergy Texas, Inc., Attn: Customer Service-2020 TCRF Case, 350 Pine Street, Beaumont, Texas 77701, or call 1-866-981-2602 during normal business hours. A complete copy of this application is available for inspection at the address listed above. The Commission has assigned Docket No. 51406 to this proceeding. Persons who wish to intervene in or comment upon these proceedings should notify the Public Utility Commission of Texas (commission) as soon as possible, as an intervention deadline will be imposed. A request to intervene or for further information should be mailed to the Public Utility Commission of Texas, P.O. Box 13326, Austin, Texas 78711-3326. Further information may also be obtained by calling the Public Utility Commission at (512) 936-7120 or (888) 782-8477. Hearing- and speech- impaired individuals with text telephones (TTY) may contact the commission at (512) 936-7136. The deadline for intervention in the proceeding is 45 days after the date the application was filed with the commission. However, ETI has requested that the deadline be extended to January 19, 2021. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the preferred method for you to file your request for intervention is electronically, and you will be required to serve the request on other parties by email. Therefore, please include your own email address on the intervention request. Instructions for electronic filing via the "PUC Filer" on the Commission's website can be found here: Instructions for using the PUC Filer are available at: Once you obtain a tracking sheet associated with your filing from the PUC Filer, you may email the tracking sheet and the document you wish to file to: For assistance with your electronic filing, please contact the Commission's Help Desk at (512) 936-7100 or You can review materials filed in this docket on the PUC Interchange at: 12-22-20, 12-29-20, 1-5-21, 1-12-21

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