Details for Request for Qualifications for Audit Svcs


THE POST OAK SAVANNAH GROUNDWATER CONSERVATION DISTRICT REQUEST FOR QUALIFICATIONS AND PROPOSALS Sealed statements of qualifications and proposals addressed to the Post Oak Savannah Groundwater Conservation District (the "District") will be received on or before 5:00 P.M., Friday, February 4, 2022, in the office of the General Manager, 310 East Avenue C, P. O. Box 92, Milano, Texas 76556, for professional audit services to be provided by certified public accountants. Proposals may be mailed or hand delivered to the General Manager at the above address. Responsive statements and proposals shall provide comprehensive information about the firm or the individuals making such response, including experience with auditing local governments, including but not limited to, cities, special districts, municipal utility districts, and groundwater conservation districts. The response shall provide the professional qualifications of the firm; identify the individuals proposed to be in charge of the audit; to the extent known the individuals to be assigned to undertake the audit; and shall include comprehensive information regarding the education, professional qualifications and local government auditing experience of the firm and such individuals. Current references shall be provided. It is the District's intent to first select an auditor based upon qualifications and experience and to then determine if an acceptable fee arrangement/contract can be negotiated Additional Information may be obtained by interested auditing firms by contacting the General Manager at the District's offices located at 310 East Avenue C, Milano, Texas 76556; Telephone (512) 455-9900; email Except for contacts with the General Manager to obtain such information, prospective proposers shall not lobby or otherwise contact the members of the Board or the General Manager. 1-12-22