Details for Blinn College RELLIS Campus Phase II Pckg 1


NOTICE FOR PROPOSALS Request for Sub-contractor proposals for the Blinn College District RELLIS Phase II project - Bartlett Cocke General Contractors (713-996-9510), Construction Manager at Risk, on behalf of Blinn College, will receive Sub-contractor Proposals for the Blinn College RELLIS Campus Phase II - Package 1 (SWPPP, Earthwork, Utilities, Concrete and Structural Steel) on January 28, 2021 prior to 2PM. Documents will be posted on Building Connected by close of business Monday, January 11, 2021. Proposals and Qualification statements will be received by Bartlett Cocke General Contractors from sub-proposers for the following package: Blinn College District RELLIS Campus Phase II - Package 1 (SWPPP, Earthwork, Utilities, Concrete and Structural Steel), in the Presence of the Owner at the offices of Bartlett Cocke General Contractors, 7904 N. Sam Houston Pkwy. West, Suite 100. Construction Manager at Risk Contractor Contact: Cody Fife: for questions and clarifications. Proposals should be emailed to: Drawings and Specifications will be available for review on Building Connected. All Proposals shall remain valid for 90 days. A Pre-Bid meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, January 20, 2021, at 2:00 PM. Meeting Location: Blinn College District RELLIS Campus Phase II - 1366 Bryan Road, Bryan, TX 77807. The Owner and Contractor reserve the right to reject all proposals, to waive any informalities and irregularities in the proposal process, and to make the awards in the best interest of Blin College. By submitting a proposal, each proposer agrees to waive any claim it has or may have against the Owner or the Contractor and their respective employees arising out of or in connection with administration, evaluation, or recommendation of any proposal; waiver of any requirements under the Proposal Documents, or the Contract Documents: acceptance or rejection of any Proposals; and award of a Contract. This is a Non-ROCIP project. Standard insurance requirements apply. 01-13-2021, 01-19-21

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