Details for Cabo Werner Harley

Cabo Werner Harley
02-14-2007 - 03-22-2021

Cabo was born on February 14, 2007, and crossed the
rainbow bridge on March 22, 2021 due to complications
from a surgery. Not much is known about the first few
weeks of Cabo’s life. This is the short version of the story:
she was initially adopted as a puppy from Aggieland
Humane Society, and then rehomed at the age of four
months with her forever family.
The long version of the story: her forever parents
were a “one dog, one cat” household a few days shy
from a short vacation to Cabo,
Mexico, to celebrate their
wedding anniversary. Her mom went to the barn for
an early morning ride, and discovered a cute, speckled
three-month-old puppy standing in the barn aisle. The
only other person there, a barn worker, told her that the
puppy had been there when she showed up, and must
have been dumped at the end of the road. The barn
owner took her home to keep her safe for the first night,
and then took her to a nearby vet to get scanned for a
chip. It was quite a surprise to learn that the pup had a
chip from the animal shelter, and the registered owner
was actually the barn worker who claimed that the pup just showed up that
day! When confronted, the barn worker pretended that she didn’t recognize this
very distinct and very young dog, though she did remember giving a puppy that
might have looked like that to a friend after the puppy didn’t get along with her
other dog. She wondered aloud if that friend might have brought the puppy to
her workplace. Nobody believed her story, but that didn’t matter. Her forever
mom had already fallen in love with the puppy, and her forever dad just needed
one look to bring her home. The timing wasn’t perfect because of their vacation,
but arrangements were made for a friend keep her for a few days, and the puppy
-- now named Cabo -- even got to go on a camping trip while her parents were
in Cabo.
Cabo learned a lot of things in her first year. Digging up flowers is a great
adventure. Squeaky dog toys are the best, but elderly cats don’t like them very
much. Water will flow from one place to another if you dig small trenches.
Kittens are more easy-going and playful than cats. Dogs can climb trees as
long as they find the right tree. Dogs can also learn some basic agility moves
at a children’s playground. Slides and frisbees are fun. Car rides are also fun,
especially when you have a good view. Horse poop is fun to eat, but best to
avoid right before a car ride. Cat food tastes better than dog food. Horses can be
dangerous, especially if you try to chase their tails or pounce at bugs near their
heads. It’s okay to chase horses, however, if they are safely on the other side of
a fence.
Cabo was always an overly confident dog who was never shy about walking
up to a stranger and doing the dog equivalent of saying: “Hi. My name is Cabo!
Who are you?” Cabo, however, was never the type to “check her privilege” at the
door, especially later in life. She was more like the person at the airport who
gives the gate agent a hard time when told that they can’t get a free upgrade to
first class – “what, are you kidding me?!” Her attitude and facial gestures made
it clear that her parents were often performing below expectation. Her parents
joked about how she had PETA on speed dial to report any of the following
infractions: if she received less than three walks a day, if she was not let off leash
during a walk, if she only received one “participation cookie” after a walk, or if
she did not get unlimited laser time at night.
Cabo had a lot of quirks. She was as materialistic as they come, and she loved
to carry things in her mouth. One of her signature moves was to greet her
parents at the door with a bunch of squeals, a wagging tail, and something in
her mouth. That something was usually a stolen sock, but it might also be an
empty cat food can or a plush toy. She usually just grabbed whatever was closest
to the door, but don’t think for a second that she was presenting this thing as
a gift. Nope, it was all hers. She would also insist on carrying something in her
mouth when she set off for a dog walk, and then just drop the object somewhere
along the way, knowing her parents would pick it up and carry it the rest of the
way. Nevertheless, she didn’t really trust her parents (or her brother Quito) with
any of her many possessions. She would frequently sneak off when she thought
nobody was looking to bury a favorite object somewhere in the backyard.
As a young pup, she liked to go outside every night just before bedtime,
and bark for a few minutes, always ending with one long “woof.” Her parents
assumed she was sharing the events of her day with neighboring dogs, and
referred to this as her daily blog. Another quirk was her total fixation on the
laser pointer. Her parents called it the “bed-monster” because it first surfaced
under the covers one night. She could not get enough, and became so consumed
with it that the activity had to be suspended for numerous years. Cabo’s other
quirks revolved around personal hygiene. She didn’t really like to be groomed
or having her nails touched. She would explode into a furious rage if her parents
needed to cut even the smallest matt out of her silky coat. She made it clear that
she would be doing her own nails – complete set, always in bed, at night.
Cabo is preceded in death by Splash (her first pup companion), Cooper (her
second pup companion), Aja (her first cat companion), cat siblings Sushi and
Reese. She is survived by her pup-daddy Brian, her pup-mommy Cynthia, Quito
(her third pup companion), cat siblings Java, Mango, Barney, Tik and Mia, and
the unnamed possum in the backyard who outwitted her every day. In lieu of
flowers, her family asks that gifts in memory of Cabo be made to Aggieland
Humane Society.
Cabo will be greatly missed, always and forever. We love you, Cabo!


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